• Anti-counterfeiting
    Industry Pioneer

  • Anti-counterfeiting traceability
    industry listed

  • Vice-president of the China
    Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association

Fosun XY CAPITAL invested nearly 100 million yuan in PanPass through share issuance.
The seventh domestic service center—Southwest Operation Center was completed to promote localized service strategy.
Provide nearly a million anti-counterfeiting labels for free.
Beijing "specialized, fined, peculiar and new" first selected enterprises Ranked 17th among the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing
Selected into the 2020 "Quality and Integrity Commitment" enterprises

PanPass “Super ID For All” SaaS platform V1.0 is officially released.
Established PanPass -Taibao Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability IoT Research Institute.

Team up with the world's top 500 Petro China National Petroleum Corporation to build smart factory.
The Top Companies Of Anti-counterfeiting Industry.
Launched the blockchain traceability application of Beijing TRT Group, Lulu, Hongjitang.

Achieving a data sharing chain with UNESCO on the "International Intangible Cultural Heritage Big Data Platform".

Acquired Kaixun Huishang Anti-counterfeiting Co., Ltd. and established a wholly-owned subsidiary Kaixun Zhaotong.

Controlled by HC Group (02280.HK).

The V3 platform of PanPass Digital Identity Management System was officially launched and obtained joint certification from the national government.

Successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 430073

The new digital identity management system was successfully launched online.

Obtained the national "high-tech enterprise" certification.
Became a selected enterprise for Olympic tickets.

Digital Identity Management Technology (PID)& Logistics Tracking System (PTM) were successfully developed.

Headquarters moved to Beijing.

PanPass was established. Create "Code Anti-counterfeiting" Industry.