PanPass Information Technology Co., Ltd.

PanPass Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 430073), is a national high-tech enterprise with informatization service as its core business. It is honored Beijing Specialized ,Fined , Peculiar and Creative Enterprise in terms of business. Panpass is a top 100 SMB private enterprise in Beijing. It is held by HC Group (stock code 02280). HK).

With 24 years of professional technology practice in the anti-counterfeiting traceability industry and rich project implementation experience, based on the digital identity management of products with “super ID for all”, PanPass integrates the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data and blockchain technology for enterprises. Provide leading product digital transformation solutions to achieve information services such as brand protection, quality traceability, digital code assignment, digital channels, digital marketing and data insights and other product lifecycle management information.


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    To become the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for manufacturing industry in China.
    Become the most trusted employer.


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