Anti-counterfeiting Service

Brand anti-counterfeiting is the general trend. However, there are still many problems in anti-counterfeiting.
At the national level: damaging the investment environment and national image;
At the enterprise level: intangible assets such as corporate brand and goodwill are damaged. Enterprises in the full use of anti-counterfeiting technology to crack down on fake and shoddy, rectify and standardize the market at the same time, but also modern enterprises to enhance the image of enterprises and their products, show enterprises to consumers, responsible to society is a necessary means.
Zhaoxin brand anti-counterfeiting services, product quality protection! Tailored for the brand, digital technology management so that counterfeit nowhere to live, trust comes from Zhaoxin brand anti-counterfeiting service standards!


Customized anti-counterfeiting labels Design for Anti-counterfeiting product

Digital generation and printing Anti-counterfeit packaging integration

Coding control and associated data collection Anti-counterfeit tickets

Anti-channeling control system Investigation of industry anti-counterfeiting technology


Three major anti-counterfeiting technology combined to assign code technology, security labels, security certificates, securities as the carrier, based on visual, hearing, touch, etc verifying product information management technology, combined with products for the transregional system solutions, control production, factory, logistics, dealers, terminal, product safety, quality escort for the enterprise.

The physical and chemical anti-counterfeiting technology itself is through the environment, temperature, material, optics, biological characteristics, printing and other angles to achieve the product is difficult to copy, difficult to copy, easy to identify and so on. According to the different use environment of enterprises, Zhaoxin technology customized label design and printing, authenticity verification, to assist in cracking down on counterfeits and other solutions to curb the damage of fake and shoddy products to the brand.

Through two-dimensional code, bar code, digital, RFID and other forms of product digital management, according to different application environment, choose different forms of coding, Mega letter technology code system from the bank encryption system upgrade. Consumers buy products with such labels, through mobile phone scanning code, WeChat public number, phone calls, equipment and other ways to verify the authenticity, dispel consumer concerns. Through the anti-channeling goods management system, increase dealers and other links of control, for the brand image and product operation to do a solid guarantee.