With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, there are also some more prominent problems, the most notable of which is the issue of integrity. On the one hand, consumers often buy fake and shoddy goods in online shopping. On the other hand, it also infringes the intellectual property rights of enterprises and consumer rights. Counterfeit goods on e-commerce platforms have brought great negative effects to society and hindered the healthy development of e-commerce. Many e-commerce platforms are also aware of the harmful effects of counterfeit goods and have intensified their punishment.


From the perspective of the brand: Online issues directly affect the brand's online market environment and the image established by the brand. Zhaoxin Technology will assist brands in combating counterfeiting and safeguarding brand rights through digital management.

From a consumer perspective: As a consumer, the low prices that exist on the Internet will side-effect consumers' judgments as to whether the product is counterfeit, leading to the loss of consumers. Zhaoxin Technology cooperates with the brand to assist in rapid authentication and quality traceability. Work to protect the rights of consumers.

From the perspective of dealers: The long-standing low-price competition of dealers on the brand online and channel fleeing of goods will seriously affect the information of the dealers' agents, leading to the withdrawal of dealers. Zhaoxin Technology will assist the brand to provide channel data through the digital channel management platform for enterprises to make decision management.


The product life cycle management and the consumer life cycle management are combined to open up the information channel of the product life cycle through one item, one code. Each product is a unique electronic ID card, which is easy to identify and trace.

Provide enterprises with multiple ways of query and verification services, allowing consumers to shop online on the platform and buy with confidence.

Combining the product anti-traffic system solution, assist companies in establishing digital channels, control product production, factory warehouses, logistics, distributors, and terminals, and escort the company's product safety and quality.