Anti-counterfeiting and rights protection

Producers and sellers of fake and shoddy goods for the purpose of illegal profit, violate the laws and regulations of the country, and infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, are acts of manufacturing and selling counterfeit, which seriously damage the interests of enterprises and make their products suffer from counterfeit and shoddy goods to varying degrees. The impact caused a significant decline in sales and profits of the company's products, and damage to its reputation. Anti-counterfeiting is a systematic project of the whole society. Zhaoxin Technology will cooperate with enterprises and the society in combating counterfeit and shoddy products.


Establish an anti-migration management system, assign product "identity" numbers through barcode and QR code labels, realize a pair of N-type related sleeve label management for pallets, packaging boxes and products, perform manual or machine labeling, and online coding according to data Define distribution products, high-precision anti-counterfeiting technology, better combat counterfeiting, and protect brand rights.

Automated data collection for product outbound and warehousing, enterprise timely grasp of product flow direction, full-process data monitoring, product traceability, assist consumers to quickly identify product authenticity and traceability, promptly report brand abnormalities, and automatically generate reports to facilitate brand control To assist in brand protection.

The anti-counterfeiting system provides dealer inquiries, audit inquiries, and consumer inquiries, and obtains product distribution areas and information on counterfeit goods. The cross-regional system for consumers to check and anti-counterfeit automatically reminds enterprises


Panpass brand anti-counterfeiting protection measures to maintain the brand and goodwill of the enterprise. To provide enterprises with anti-counterfeiting technology solutions, anti-channelling goods management solutions, provide code full stack solutions, through the procurement - production - warehousing - circulation - internal control - sales and other products throughout the whole life cycle of application scenarios, information management, design, printing, system research and development, prevention and management services, to assist enterprises to fight counterfeiting rights.

More than 24 years of continuous customer service, the industry’s original six core technology security systems, high data integrity, double the protection of Kingsoft Cloud-HC Cloud dual storage in different locations, strong disaster tolerance, four-node dual cluster servers, simultaneous operations in two locations, bank-level user rights Management to ensure that enterprise user information is not lost.

The four anti-counterfeiting inquiry portals can make inquiries anytime and anywhere. Consumers can use WeChat scan code, 400 calls, SMS inquiry, website inquiry and other methods to easily and conveniently identify the authenticity of the product.