The code-assigned collection management system, by generating the required data in a certain format and sending the data to the corresponding coding equipment (including ink jet printers, laser machines, (TTO) thermal transfer printers, barcode printers, etc....) assign codes to products , At the same time, the one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, number and character, RFID and other product information on the product can be collected through the reading equipment (including scanner, online collector, OCR, RFID data collector, etc.). Thereby establishing two-level or multi-level association relationships on product packaging (for example, including-box two-level association, bottle-box-stack three-level association, etc.). QR codes for different products of different production lines can be designed, which reduces code assignment. Difficulty increases the success rate and operation efficiency. The system automatically records and counts all production data. And can upload related data information to the company ERP system


The system occupies small space, short reconstruction period, low cost, and fast collection speed;

Can realize multi-level code assignment control and automatic data association processing for all levels of code

Able to achieve seamless connection between upstream and downstream production lines;

Can meet the normal coding requirements of production packaging, and automatically record the production-related information of each product;

The code collection and association system is suitable for many industries, especially for alcohol, food and beverage, pregnant and infant, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Data can be managed centrally, providing real and effective data for enterprise anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling solutions.


Multiple support Panpass intelligent code acquisition management system, support manual and automatic production lines and a variety of product packaging specifications.

The independence of security codes The anti-counterfeiting code is generated by random matching in the database, and there are no rules to follow to realize the independence of the anti-counterfeiting code.

Safe and stable coding system The online code assignment system is equipped with early warning and elimination devices, no duplicate codes and missing codes

Perfect after-sales service On-site training by commissioning engineers, professional engineers provide professional technical support