The value and role of data have become increasingly evident, and data has become a new and important means of production. However, in the face of data security incidents and various hidden dangers, risks, and problems caused by hacker attacks, internal ghost leaks, operating errors, illegal use, etc., most of the common data security solutions on the market in the past solved customers’ problems by providing a single function. Certain aspects of problems and requirements have highlighted the phenomenon of data "islands" between different security products, which in turn affects the efficiency, quality, and cost input of data security construction in the implementation process. It is foreseeable that for a long period of time from now to the future, the value utilization of data and security protection will continue to go hand in hand. PanPasswill provide a set of systematic and sustainable platform-based data security products for customers in their daily work Provide more convenient and reliable technical means.


PanPass has created six core technology security systems in the industry, financial-level user identity and authority management, security layers are guaranteed, and customers feel at ease

Encoding security Encoding scheme security, encoding transmission security, encoding verification security

Logo security Anti-transfer, anti-attack, anti-copy

Data Security Data confidentiality, data integrity, data availability, data backup system

Information system security Identity authentication, login control, session control, accessed object control, transaction reminder, transaction repeat submission control, asynchronous transaction processing, transaction data undeniable, monitoring and auditing

Network and physical security Authentication system, firewall, antivirus system, intrusion detection system, vulnerability scanning system, security audit system, VPN system

Safety management system Security and confidentiality system, separation of digital production and use, data transfer management, logo production supervision, logo acquisition and registration system, invalid logo destruction system, and regular inspection system


Systematic solutions To provide customers with systematic security solutions, not only the delivery of product capabilities is the main goal.

Strong support Can start from the scene to find ability support, not only start from the single product ability to match the business scene.

Quantification of control effectiveness To achieve a comprehensive and quantitative expression of the effectiveness of management and control, not only driven by the management capabilities of product solutions.

Daily operation Make data security operation and management routine, and not only carry out work in a temporary way.