Warehouse management

Warehouse management, that is, the storage and custody of goods through the warehouse. At the same time, the role of modern warehousing also includes the management and control of the logistics turnover of goods, and the management and control of the timeliness and safety of the goods in the warehouse. Combined with the development of information technology, more and more automation technologies and software and hardware technologies are applied to warehouse management, such as automated three-dimensional warehouses that can greatly improve the efficiency of goods warehousing, such as warehousing, outgoing, financial, reporting, etc. Warehouse management system for core business, etc.

Store and keep the goods through the warehouse

Control the logistics turnover of goods

Control the timeliness and safety of goods in stock


Carry products information by item code

Carry out business operations such as warehousing, exporting, and inventorying of products by scanning codes

Combine products, receipts, and item codes

Effectively control the delivery and balance of goods in the entire supply chain, and realize the refined management and control of warehousing


The combination of warehouse management and automated code assignment reduces the cost of manual code scanning.

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management, reduce personnel and increase efficiency.

Provide Web, APP, applet and other multi-platform warehouse management tools.