Audit management

Audit management refers to the use of certain technical means and business rules to ensure the effectiveness of the audit when the manufacturer inspects and verifies the dealers and terminals. Manufacturers’ inspections of distributors and terminals mainly include inventory inspections, channeling inspections, and compliance inspections.

Through certain technical means and business rules, to ensure the effectiveness of audits when manufacturers conduct inspections and verifications of dealers and terminals.


By scanning the item code of the goods, the enterprise inspector can check the goods' circulation records in the channel completely.

Verify the authenticity of goods, check the situation of goods channelling.

Effectively combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods, and accurately warn the illegal operations of illegal goods to avoid damage to corporate interests.


Avoid malicious channeling goods affect the normal business order of the enterprise.

Provide easy-to-use audit management tools for vendor auditors.

Help manufacturers establish channel management systems and standardize channel sales operations.