PanPass has different product solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on standardized products,

Provide customized services to realize enterprise anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, product channeling, product traceability, channel control, smart marketing, big data applications, smart packaging and other businesses

  • It is the first in the industry to create information anti-counterfeiting, with nearly 30 years of industry experience, to provide customers with safe and stable service guarantee.
  • Integrating global high-quality resources and jointly leading the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting applications of products, the industry's senior team tailors solutions for enterprises.
  • Leading anti-counterfeiting technology, fusion of anti-counterfeiting analysis big data early warning mechanism, to ensure that the logo is difficult to imitate and consumers are intuitive and easy to identify.
  • It is 100% in line with the relevant national departments' product quality traceability supervision policies and regulations, and fully meets various management requirements such as quality inspection and unannounced inspection.
  • Help companies establish a comprehensive quality control system, realize various error-proof management, and simultaneously improve quality and safety risk control capabilities and operational management efficiency.
  • Realize the visualization of product traceability information, help companies establish brand images, and enhance their core competitiveness.
  • Including QR code tags, NFC/RFID electronic chip tags, packaging material integration and online code assignment and other comprehensive code loading solutions.
  • Give each product a unique and traceable identity code. Combining invisible code assignment and in-package coding technology, directly hit the responsible dealers for fleeing goods.
  • Completely solve the problem of malicious fleeing goods.
  • The entire process of purchasing and outbound scanning code, real-time control of dealers, terminal inventory and sales data, to help companies adjust marketing strategies in time.
  • Provides flexible scanning code rule configuration, which not only realizes scanning code rewards, but also matches the channel business control plate profit distribution strategy, and realizes the accurate delivery of marketing expenses.
  • Realize the whole-process supervision of channel channels, and provide enterprises with early warning of suspected channeling.
  • Help brand owners and channel dealers realize a personalized marketing strategy of one area, one policy and one business, one policy.
  • Carry out scene digital management for various promotion strategies and offline verification to help companies increase sales.
  • Data analysis and report functions help companies understand the true marketing effects and realize digital management of corporate marketing activities.
  • Integrate multiple data sources, build a user profile and label system, and provide enterprises with consumer population analysis and high-value targets.
  • Open up the system and ERP, MES, LIMS, third-party systems and other multi-party data to realize the implementation of product digital system functions and product life cycle control.

    Product advantages

  • Mature and comprehensive product system
  • Leading microservice technology
  • Improve product life cycle application scenarios
  • Provide management and control for efficient production and operation of enterprises
  • Security advantages

  • Original six core technology security systems
  • Financial user identity authority management
  • Layers of security guarantee, customers feel at ease
  • 24 years of continuous customer service, high data integrity
  • Technical advantages

  • Has more than 30 national innovation and invention patents
  • More than 40 software copyright patents
  • Maintain the advanced nature of the industry in terms of innovation and creativity
  • Drive and lead the development of the industry
  • Service advantages

  • service centers across the country
  • 100+ professional technical teams support localized services
  • Quickly respond to customer needs
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