The smallest unit packaging product is given a unique "ID card" through ordinary digital, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, RFID tags, etc., based on the product QR code traceability system, through the establishment of product metadata standards from the source of production, and Collect real, traceable and verifiable product life cycle data, open up the supply chain, connect terminals, and reach consumers, build a digital operation platform and enterprise management system with a one-stop solution, reshape the industrial chain operation model, and help enterprises achieve Industrial interconnection and industrial upgrading are the most optimized digital solutions for the entire circulation chain in China. Digital identity management covers the entire process of information management and control from product raw materials, production, processing, warehousing and logistics, channels, stores, terminals, and recalls. One item and one code make product quality visible.


Anti-counterfeiting identification Scan code to get authenticity of the product.

A code covers all information "One Product One ID", through the QR code on product packaging, product WeChat marketing can be realized, the docking of multi-system platforms can be opened, and the big data marketing can be helped.

Product information Display current product information, so that consumers can further check, and are not afraid of buying wrong.

Quality traceability information Know the ins and outs, convenient business management, easy for consumers to know more comprehensive information.


Controllable cost Control every node of production.

Accountable It can help to know the details of each time node.

Resolve crisis The traceability system function display allows customers to increase trust and distinguish authenticity.

Solve marketing needs Solve the mobile marketing system to help enterprises attract traffic, collect data, member management, and transactions.

National demand In response to the national recall policy, the traceability system is developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the National Food and Drug Administration.