Ingredients weighing management

In order to speed up the batching process and optimization, and prevent weighing errors from affecting product quality and raw material loss, the batching weighing process is monitored, and the formula data is traced and managed. The batching system includes the storage, transportation, and weighing of raw materials. Ingredients, dust removal, mixing and other equipment, involving powder, solid bulk, liquid and other materials. Among them, the weighing batching equipment can choose a reasonable weighing method according to industry characteristics, production process requirements and specific material characteristics.


Accurately weigh ingredients to ensure product quality and food safety. The ingredient platform ensures that each step of the ingredient operation is performed in accordance with the ingredient process standards, and prevents a series of wrong behaviors caused by manual operations in the ingredient link: such as mismatch, missed, more, less Mistakes in manual operations such as mixing, batch confusion, and material waste realize forward and reverse batching traceability management; provide reservations for subsequent feeding and production process control, and realize quality management and traceability throughout the production process.

Process standardization management, transparent batching schedule and cost, traceability of product production process, improve production efficiency, realize configuration management of product BOM list according to process requirements, and realize different production version management, and intelligent calculation of materials according to production plan Demand, intelligently match the material details of the task ingredient list.

Protect the core secrets of the company's products, encrypt the name and code of the excipients, realize the confidentiality of the formula, and protect the core competitiveness of the company's products.

Through transparent management of the batching process, progress and completion status, as well as barcode management, first-in first-out control, validity period control, material loss and income balance control, the level of material management is improved, the level of production management, and the production efficiency are improved.


Through professional weighing ingredients management, not only can help users improve product quality, but also provide a strong guarantee for the scientific management of users' production.

It is highly exemplary, compatible with traceability subsystems of different industries, and flexibly customize traceability templates to realize traceability management of different industries.