Feeding error prevention management

At present, the control of mistakes and omissions in the manufacturing industry is mainly controlled by humans, but these tasks are more focused on improving the quality awareness of employees and human checks. There are not many specific improvements in design and tooling. Therefore, in order to reduce mistakes and omissions, the error prevention of the information system is particularly important. The feeding error prevention system mainly uses wireless technology to realize the internal transfer, production and processing of goods. Control the feeding process to ensure the correct and complete feeding, realize paperless operations in all links, and improve work efficiency.


Build basic data of electronic materials to provide a data basis for SMT error-proof material management.

The SMT anti-error material management system can synchronize the ERP production task list BOM, SMT placement machine station information table, ECN/ECO change information, etc., and the task plan or change can be fed back to the production site in real time.

The management of the secondary warehouse can be accurate and error-free. Including the matching of raw materials and the matching of precision.

Batch recipe management has a high degree of flexibility and can be seamlessly connected with the batch recipe management system.

The entire production process is fully recorded, and information such as SMT machine, station, material number, material batch, material quantity, responsible person, operation time and other information can be traced in real time.

Problem material production traceability: According to SMT production material information, it can trace involved production task orders, production batches, number of online products, number of products in stock, number of products sold, and other information.


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Reduce economic losses Effectively prevent the wrong material in the production preparation, feeding, material refueling/receiving, and line change, reducing the risk of production and quality accidents, and reducing the economic loss of the enterprise.

Reduce reject rate Automatic forecasting and reminding of material shortage, reducing the time of changing materials, improving overall production efficiency, ensuring product quality, and reducing the rate of defective products.

Accountable The production materials can be traced in the whole process, the historical records are clear, and the accident responsibility is clear.

Reduce cost Eliminate manual verification, reduce online operators, reduce labor costs, and improve production management efficiency.