High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Industry competition is fierce, imitation and counterfeiting are rampant

The IT industry has fierce competition, fast technology updates, and high homogeneity. If it is copied or counterfeited, it will have a huge impact on the industrial chain of R&D companies.

Distribution channels are not well controlled, and the data is untrue

Multi-level channels such as general agency, distribution, and distribution are not easy to control, and sales data cannot be accurately grasped because of fleeing goods, disorderly prices, and roasted seeds.

The digital management platform is not sound

There is no digital management platform, or the original system is aging, it needs to carry out internal system docking and old system data migration.

Single marketing method, poor brand loyalty

Marketing resources are blocked by channels, promotion effects are poor, customers cannot be reached accurately, after-sales service cannot be accurately managed, customer experience is poor and satisfaction is poor.


Customized high-precision anti-counterfeiting solution, easy to check true and false and easy to collect information

Combining the uniqueness of different products to design and produce high-precision anti-counterfeiting solutions, using laser, RFID and other methods to efficiently and accurately assign codes, anti-vandalism, anti-transfer, multi-code integration, providing the most convenient and effective anti-counterfeiting authentication method, and quickly verifying products through labels Authenticity, while establishing a brand image, you can also collect user big data.

Assist in the establishment of an efficient digital management platform

Help companies build an efficient new digital management platform, connect with various internal systems of the company, realize the information management of the entire supply chain of production, sales, and sales, and connect with various internal systems of the company to achieve unified management.

Multi-level management enhances management and control, and effectively reaches incentives

Through the uniqueness of the ID code assigned to the product, an anti-sweeping system can be established, the market order and price system can be maintained, the company's ability to control products, markets, and channels can be enhanced, and it can help companies in manufacturers, distributors, salespersons, and promoters. , Consumers have achieved effective reach and can understand the sales dynamics of distributors at all levels.

Smart marketing, big data accurate portrait

Using the QR code as the entrance, in different scenarios, different people scan the code to realize the data collection of "people". Through data analysis and mining, it can provide enterprises with analysis of user portraits, user needs, marketing effects, etc., realize the visualization of important consumption data and retail data, realize the privatization of user assets, and bring more value to the brand.