High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Fake and shoddy are serious and affect brand reputation

There will be fake and shoddy products in the market, piracy is serious, seriously affecting the brand reputation

Technology changes quickly and customer connections are needed

Technology is updated quickly, and users need to get relevant information and information about products in the first time, and they need to establish contacts. Industrial products generally need maintenance and after-sales service, and end users generally respond to after-sales difficulties under the previous system

Weak channel control and poor information feedback

There are many enterprises in each market segment, the good and bad are mixed, the brand concentration is low, the enterprises do not build a digital platform, the channel control is weak, basically use the channel of agents to expand customers, the user information is mastered the channel, can not directly reach the direct users

The marketing strategy is traditional and the effect is poor

The marketing strategy is single and traditional, the marketing resource channel is retained, the key person cannot be reached, and the promotion effect is poor


High-precision anti-counterfeiting customized solutions, reliable quality traceability

Through the design of anti-counterfeiting codes for different products, each product has an ID card for life, completely eliminates piracy, and realizes the whole process of monitoring the production, assembly, circulation, storage and sales of various equipment, and realizes the whole product Process traceability management, providing the most convenient and effective anti-counterfeiting traceability certification method.

New digital platform, precise decision-making

Build a digital management and control platform. Through big data analysis, companies can understand the information of each link of product sales and circulation, can directly reach end users, and can design different sales incentive policies for key sales persons, encouraging more purchases and more recommendations , Sell more goods, collect rich market information for corporate decision-making.

Connect the brand and customers to provide brand influence

It can help companies understand consumer feedback in real time, provide guidance for product improvements and upgrades, provide consumers with the latest product information, after-sales service and other information, and open up the connection between consumers and brands.

Full-link digital marketing, precise sales

A variety of marketing methods, the extensive use of stimulus codes, master who consumers are, where they come from, and how many times they have purchased products, multi-dimensional cross-analysis, based on product full-link data collection, realize product digitization to drive user digitization. User demand reversely reconstructs the full-link digital marketing of the supply chain.