High cost·Difficult to write off·Low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Rampant counterfeiting

Fake alcohol endangers consumers' lives and corporate brand reputation.

Personality of packing

There are many types of personalized product packaging, fast production lines, large shipments, and difficult solutions.

Digitization system not ready

The business is subject to manual documents, and information management and data analysis cannot be realized.

Older systems need to be migrated

There are multiple management systems in the enterprise, and historical data migration is difficult.

Weak channel control

Dealers will destroy the traceability information through various methods, and it is difficult to grasp the inventory/moving sales data of channels and terminals.

Lack of digital marketing system

The cost is high, the verification is difficult, the efficiency is low, and the terminal and consumers cannot be effectively reached.


High-secret & high-strength solutions

Take the code as the entrance, construct the whole life cycle management of raw grain-brewing-decoupling-production-storage-channel-terminal-consumer, combined with packaging to provide high privacy, high strength, high anti-counterfeiting solutions to avoid information damage and fraud.


Realize the functions of quality traceability, brand protection, channel management and control, market control and profit sharing, scenario marketing, data analysis, etc. of the entire industry chain.

Efficient data migration

Help companies build a new and efficient digital management platform, connect with the enterprise’s internal systems. Realize digital management and overall migration of the historical old system.

Data chaining

Assist enterprises to achieve effective access in all links such as manufacturers, distributors, salesmen, promoters, and consumers, and create a complete chain of data, value, and management channels.

Increase brand share

Through channels and individual incentives designed by key people, efficient growth in regional sales and brand share is achieved.

Diversified marketing methods

Support a variety of marketing scenarios, increase user participation rate through a variety of marketing methods, and obtain market big data to achieve precise, scenario-based, and intelligent marketing activities.