High cost·Difficult to write off·Low efficiency,channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively.

The traditional model is costly and easy to imitate

The inspection cost of anti-counterfeiting of traditional printing plate patterns is high, and it is easy to be copied by pirates, and it is also difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity. Pirated books are flooded and brand image is damaged.

Lack of channel control and serious fleeing goods

Enterprises lack control over channels, channel fleeing goods are serious, disrupting the market, and companies suffer serious losses due to fleeing goods every year.

Poor enterprise digital foundation and low user conversion

Companies lack a digital management and control platform, unable to obtain accurate distribution data and end-user big data, and the volume of publication is large but subsequent follow-up conversions are low.

The marketing strategy is outdated and cannot be accurately reached

The marketing strategy is single-traditional, and marketing resource channels are blocked, unable to retain customers to improve stickiness, and unable to accurately reach customers.


Design exclusive anti-counterfeit ID cards for different products

Design exclusive anti-counterfeiting and traceable source code solutions for different publications, so that each book has its own "electronic ID card", so that the code and the product are integrated, anti-vandal, anti-transfer, multi-code integration, providing the most convenient and effective Anti-counterfeiting authentication method, consumers can quickly verify the authenticity of products, and enterprises can collect user big data.

Assist in building a digital platform to effectively prevent channeling

Build a digital automated management and control platform, provide a complete service system, and an automatic collection system to reduce the number of manual use. Companies can use big data analysis to collect data on suspected piracy, pirated goods, production and market circulation, and accumulate member information for the company Collect rich market information for decision making.

Multiple marketing methods to create revenue

After stimulating readers to scan through a variety of marketing activities, additional income items such as teaching reference/audio/accompaniment reading/answers/ranking/video courses/shopping malls can be pulled, and online and offline applications can be opened up. User ecology and data can be opened up. Convenient and economical access to the Internet of Things improves book sales and brand viscosity of consumer groups.

Full link digital marketing program support

Consumers will accumulate data for the next marketing decision every time they scan the QR code, and then they can portray the user's portrait, grasp who the consumer is, where they come from, and how many times they have purchased the product, multi-dimensional cross-analysis, in-depth understanding of your user behavior , Evaluate marketing effects, and reconstruct the full-link digital marketing of the supply chain based on user needs.