High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Weak brand awareness, poor traceability awareness

Weak brand awareness, lack of awareness of brand anti-counterfeiting, quality traceability, and prone to fake and inferior products, which affect pet safety or brand image.

No digital system support

Without systematic management and data analysis, it is impossible to accurately grasp the actual sales status of dealers, and the channel fleeing goods cannot be controlled, which may easily cause confusion in the price system.

Outdated and single marketing method, high marketing cost

There are many varieties of pet products, product planning and management are difficult, marketing methods are single, marketing activities lack diversity, unable to attract customers, and it is difficult to stimulate consumption.

Many pet supervision problems

There are many supervision and safety issues in the process of pet breeding, and it is necessary to establish electronic files for pets.


Provide full life cycle anti-counterfeiting solutions

The source can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. A unique identification code is identified for each product. Each pet product, from raw material collection, to production and processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, sales, and marketing, is Product dynamics in the life cycle are all associated and bound in the system and production line.

Assist in establishing a safe and reliable traceability system

Through the comprehensive quality control of pet products by one item and one code, consumers can see the "life course" of the purchased product by scanning the code of each pet product, so that they can buy with confidence and prevent counterfeiting of all products of the company. Verify that the information enters the network, and establish a public traceability query service system for product quality and safety in the pet industry.

One item, one code, multi-level correlation, anti-smuggling

One thing one code is the identity code assigned to each product. Because of its uniqueness, when a multi-level association product code is established, an anti-sweeping system can be established to maintain market order and price system, and enhance the company’s Market and channel control ability.

Provide marketing data digital channel management and control solutions

Real-time sales data monitoring helps companies to achieve effective reach among manufacturers, distributors, salespersons, promoters, and consumers. Through channel and key person design (pet shop owners, pet hospital shopping guides, etc.) personalized incentives to achieve multiple Purchase and sell more goods to promote the growth of brand sales share.

Full link digital marketing program support

With the QR code as the entrance, rich marketing activities can be flexibly set up in the backend of the system. Each scan of the code can depict user portraits, gain in-depth understanding of user behaviors, and provide a basis for more effective and accurate interactive marketing in the later period, based on product full-link data Collection, realizing full-link digital marketing that reversely reconstructs the supply chain based on user needs.