PanPass has mature and comprehensive product system, leading microservice technology, and provides full life cycle application scenarios for products, providing shortcuts for efficient production and operation of enterprises.

  • Readily Available

    Based on PanPass 's strong knowledge base and mature product system, it launched differentiated solutions and provided multiple versions to meet different customer needs.

  • Panoramic Coverage

    Provide full-stack solution for code, running through the application scenarios of entire life cycle of products, such as procurement-production-warehousing-distribution-internal control-sales.

  • Technology Leader

    The leading microservice technology architecture is used to implement the system design, and modular products take into account both flexibility and openness to meet expansion needs.

  • Quality First

    The product combines the successful service experience of thousands of customers with ingenious polishing to ensure that customer projects are delivered on time and with quality.

Services Advantages

PanPass is headquartered in Beijing and has a service network all over the country. It can respond quickly to customer service and provide efficient and professional technical services. It has basically achieved national localized services.

  • 7

    Service centers across the country

  • 48

    Strong network of channels

  • 100+

    Professional technical team

  • National-wide after-sales service network
  • Professional team supports localized after-sales service
  • Provide high-quality,comprehensive services

    PanPass has 30+ national innovation patents and 40+ software copyright patents. It has always maintained the advanced nature of the industry in terms of innovation and creativity, driving and leading the development of the industry.


    • The industry's original six core technology security systems, financial-level user identity management, security layers of protection, customers' peace of mind.
    • The industry's first to obtain ISO27001 information security system certification and authoritative security agency operation and maintenance security audits, professional certification to ensure data security and stability
    • 24 years of continuous customer service, high data integrity, double storage of Jinshan Cloud and Huicong Cloud offsite double protection, strong disaster tolerance, and never lose information.

    Coding Security

    Scheme security Delivery Security Verification Security

    Identification Security

    Anti-transfer Anti-attack Copy protection

    Data Security

    Confidentiality Integrity Availability Backup system

    Information System Security

    Authentication Login & Session control Accessed object control Trading reminder Transaction Repeat Submission Control Asynchronous transaction processing Monitoring & Auditing Transaction data undeniable

    Cyber & Physical Security

    Authentication system Firewall Anti-virus system Intrusion detection system Vulnerability Scanning System Security Audit System VPN system

    Safety Management System

    Security system Data transfer management Obsolete Mark Logo production supervision Registration System Destruction System