Production line code

The demand for automation of enterprises is becoming stronger, and the automation demand for coding and data collection has become more and more obvious with the improvement of the automation of production lines. Zhaoxin Technology can provide online automatic spraying, laser marking, automatic labeling, and digital Pre-printing and other automatic coding technology, with software technology as the core, combined with automatic identification technology, an overall solution of automatic control system. The company realizes the digitization of the identity of the product and its packaging through the online dynamic code assignment and collection of the product during the packaging process, and realizes the closed-loop association of different levels of single product, box, pallet, etc. according to the packaging specifications, so that the code collection The process is more convenient, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.


The online coding system production line is equipped with on-site industrial control, loaded with industrial control computer, on-site coding-related software, PLC controller, board card, etc., integrated, coordinating the programmed actions of various parts of the hardware, and the distribution, association, and arrangement of field data.

The online coding system installs a laser coding machine in the front section of the packaging line of the production line to print a single bottle on the assembly line. The content is an anti-sweeping code, which is encrypted and generated by software.

The online coding system is equipped with a chain clamping device after the laser coding is completed, and clamps the specified number of specifications, so that each box of products can be separated by a certain distance to ensure the accuracy of data association.

The on-line coding system is equipped with a barcode printer after the laser printer finishes coding, and prints the barcode of each box. At this time, it forms an association with a single bottle. The printed labels are placed on each specified number of products.

The online coding system will manually pack the products in groups, and each group will pack the products of each box. When placing the assembly line again, place them in sequence, and keep a certain distance between each box. Products that are damaged during the packaging process are replaced or collectively processed.

When packing the products of the online coding system, paste the attached outer box barcode label to the designated position, install an industrial fixed collector at the back of the box sealing machine, scan and collect the barcode sequentially, and the customer display screen on the spot will display the number of full pallets and The current scan collection number.

The online coding system will automatically print the pallet label after scanning the barcode of the specified number of outer boxes, and paste it on the designated position to form the associated data of the pallet. Export the associated data of each batch and upload it to the software database.


Control costs High degree of automation, realizing automatic code generation, automatic printing control, automatic data collection, automatic data management, and the whole process is controllable, saving manpower and effectively controlling enterprise costs.

Automated visual acquisition Using automated visual acquisition technology, data generation, assignment, and association are completed by the system program integration, with the characteristics of easy monitoring and low error rate.

Huge data throughput capacity Support multiple types of encoding, support multiple types of data acquisition equipment, compatible with manual, low-speed and high-speed production lines, and have huge data throughput capabilities.

Full process tracking It provides a data carrier for the further realization of intelligent warehouse management, dealer management, store management, as well as the whole process tracking and tracing of anti-counterfeiting, traceability and marketing of single products.