Rebate and profit sharing

Use the channel profit sharing strategy to develop and maintain more distribution channels and build an enterprise-led marketing value chain. The rebate and profit sharing will enhance the enthusiasm of the channel and promote the healthy development of the channel through the form of incentives.

  • Enterprises can set rebate rules for distributors and terminals;

  • Rebates in the form of cash, coupons, goods, etc. to dealers and terminals at nodes such as warehouse delivery, receipt, and consumption;

  • Reasonable distribution of channel expenses, increase channel sales enthusiasm, and promote healthy channel development;

  • Reduce offline operations and corporate personnel intervention, and real-time accounting of rebates;

  • Avoid channel expense interception, reduce channel expense, and improve overall channel response speed.

One Region One Policy

“One Region One Policy, One Policy One Store” that is, for different regions, different dealers and terminals, respectively formulate a one-to-one corresponding channel marketing strategy, improve the granularity and finesse of channel management, and encourage the development of key regions, dealers and terminals. Establish a competitive channel system.

  • Set up different rebate strategies for different regions and different dealers;

  • Automatically distribute channel fees through different rebate strategies;

  • The rebate strategy is flexible and configurable, and supports various configuration dimensions such as region, dealer level, and dealer type.

Super shopping guide

Promote key people to sell through marketing campaign setting, task achievement incentives, etc. Through system configuration, it can provide more abundant sales tools for shopping guides, and improve the enthusiasm and operability of shopping guides in the sales process.

  • The super shopping guide applet issues sales tasks, provides a reward mechanism, and enhances the enthusiasm of shopping guide sales;

  • After the shopping guide successfully completes the sales task, it will automatically give corresponding incentives;

  • Incentive forms include cash, cards, coupons, gifts and other forms;

  • Provide more abundant sales support for shopping guides, such as membership marketing, scene marketing, content operation, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

By developing members, grouping and labeling members, accurately matching the needs of members, establishing a complete member information system in the system, providing differentiated services and precise marketing, improving customer loyalty and increasing corporate profits in the long run.

  • Establish a complete member information system, and enter and collect basic member information, such as name, age, occupation, etc.

  • Input and collect member consumption information, such as consumption amount, consumption frequency, type of consumer goods, etc., and enable enterprises and members to accurately access by scanning the code of consumers;

  • Based on the RFM model and member information, the members are grouped and tagged to accurately match the needs of members.

Scene marketing

The system supports the setting of group buying, tasting, banquet, social networking and other marketing activities in real life scenarios and Internet usage scenarios, fully combining the needs and purposes of enterprises, and accurately meeting the needs of enterprises.

  • For different online or offline businesses, it can support the formulation of matching marketing strategies to meet the different application needs of enterprises;

  • Multiple scenario support, for group purchase, tasting, banquet, social and other scenarios, you can formulate corresponding marketing activity planning;

  • Through the system of one object and one code, consumers can quickly participate in it, improve the feasibility of scene marketing, and provide rich scene marketing solutions.

Scan code marketing

Endow "One Product One ID" with the marketing function, and guide consumers to scan the code through activities. At the same time as anti-counterfeiting verification, it can better promote enterprise-related brand information and marketing activities, stimulate consumers to repurchase, and accumulate user data at the same time.

  • The system can deploy marketing activities quickly and flexibly according to factors such as brand, category, time, location, etc., and provide a marketing management platform that is safe, transparent and clear in accounts;

  • It can provide various templates for marketing activities, quickly set up marketing activity pages, and support the management of various prizes such as WeChat red envelopes, gifts, and third-party resources;

  • At the same time of anti-counterfeiting verification, it can customize the page to attract traffic to the brand, and accumulate a large amount of actual consumption scan code information (including: time, location, product, etc.) and consumer behavior data in the process of marketing interaction.


Using the management relationship of "One Product One ID", through the marketing platform, it manages consumers and fans, taps consumers' consumption needs and interests, improves consumer stickiness, cultivates user loyalty, and promotes sales.

  • Focusing on consumers, aggregate consumer information through online, offline and other channels;

  • Collect and analyze data such as consumer identity, purchase habits, purchase location, purchase frequency, etc., and follow-up targeted launches are suitable for different customer marketing activity scenarios;

  • Accurate user portraits, through various marketing methods, increase user stickiness, help companies better understand users and increase sales.

Content operation

Use new media channels to present corporate information in front of users in the form of text, pictures, videos, etc., and stimulate user participation, promote brand marketing activities, and enhance brand influence.

  • Through professional creative tools such as short videos, pictures and copywriting, and using public accounts and mini programs as platforms, increase the frequency of reaching corporate consumers;

  • Through community operation and content distribution, establish a community center with corporate marketing as the core, and expand and develop the application of PGC and UGC in corporate marketing system.

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  • 我公司与兆信科技持续在产品追溯体系搭建、产品流向信息追踪及终端扫码营销等方面建立了稳定的合作关系。合作以来,我司感受到了兆信科技从技术人员到心业务人员的专业和职业精神。在项目进程当中,一直秉持着主人翁意识,多方配合从不推脱,以主人翁的角度协调和帮助各方配合全力高效完成项目计划并交付...

  • 兆信科技搭建的二维码平台和提供的服务对我公司产品晶牌保护、消费者扫码验真、以及渠道管控,起到了非常积极的作用,感谢贵公司对我公司一直以来的支持。在此,我公司着重表扬兆信科技的安宫牛黄丸项目组人员,包括销售人员、售前人员、技术开发、实施人员以及售后人员,他们工作高效、担当、踏实,对我司提出的疑问耐心解答,积极解决问题,为我司节约成本。

  • 我公司与兆信科技多年的合作中,兆信科技表现出了其在防伪防窜、溯源营销领域的高度专业。业务人员具备专业素养,服务态度好,沟通及时,能够站在企业的角度想问题,在供货及时、交付质量和售后服务方面均可达到我公司标准。产品外观设计合理,性能稳定,解决了我们原来存在的诸多问题,对企业生产经营提供了很多帮助。兆信科技是我们值得信任的合作伙伴,希望在今后能与兆信科技展开更加深度的合作。

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